The data swamp. Drained by science.

For us at BiG, what we do is a beautifully simple thing. We look at the data – all of it, however much there is – and see what it’s telling us. And then we share that data-revealed insight with our clients. Who use it to make better decisions, and to become the best in their fields . . .

BiG Expertise

Data Consultancy

Improve every aspect of your business by transforming it into a Data-Driven Enterprise. We start with your key strategic goals, then map out a roadmap and build measurement points to work with every team ensuring they have the analytics and mindset to deliver continued process improvement. Until your goals are reached.

We guide your business through our Data Maturity Model to clearly define what you need to do to keep ahead of your competitors. We believe that data quality initiatives must run in parallel to business activities. That means there’s a need for an ongoing investment in data governance, within the parameters of your budget. You don’t have to aim for zero mistakes in your data, because that could be too expensive. Instead, we will help you achieve a state where your data is truly fit for purpose.

Data Science

Look, computers are better at understanding data than humans. But doing this is fraught with problems and challenges. We are experienced at doing this and won’t just throw things around until it sticks.

Data is powerful. Go beyond human; react faster, more reliably and over much larger and complex datasets than your competitors. We develop solutions that leverage the latest in Machine Learning, Predictive Models and real-time processing that can solve real business problems and make your company breakaway from the pack.

Data Intelligence

Imagine the possibilities when analytics are an easy-to-consume medium as part of the work process!

Achieve single version of the truth by developing the processes for aggregating, quality-assuring and distributing data throughout the organisation to ensure consistency and control in the ongoing maintenance and applications of this information. The goal of any business intelligence is easy, self-service access to data.

Data Infrastructure

We are a team of dedicated engineers who understand data technology, modelling, etc. You probably don’t have those people. Building an infrastructure for data analytics requires a unique and specialised set of skills. We are not application, mobile or web developers. We do not create advertising or content.

We do know how to build model and build hugely scalable data-Warehouses that can provide vital insights and knowledge about your business. We can deploy horizontally scalable compute clusters capable of processing data-streams with millions of message a second while using real-time in-memory machine-learning to make real-time predictions and interventions. And we can structure your data so that billions of complex relationships become easy to query. We both use and advise on a large range of specialist data and big-data technologies.