#DataMunch – Hungry to evolve your business through intelligent use of data? Join BiG at #Exeter Thursday 1st of June 6.30pm

#DataMunch brings together some very passionate and excitable digital and data experts who will be sharing their business data know-how. Join us and enjoy some tasty data insights as well as discovering those essential ingredients including:

  • Processes behind effective data analysis and their business applications
  • Problem solving creatively with data
  • Principles of refining data analysis so that it can be ‘algorithmised’ – a very iterative and non-linear process indeed
  • Aspects of data analytics we know so well that we can teach a machine to do it
  • Realising successful data-driven transformation by embracing analytics culture throughout your entire organisation

Speakers will include:

Gerry McNicol – Co-founder, BiG Consultancy Gerry will talk about how Big Data is being used in industry and routes to data-maturity within your organisation. Focussing on data-driven tools and solutions for the marketing sector such as rich customer segmentation, real-time personalisation and predictive analytics.

Jonny Day – Head of Digital Marketing, Crowdcube Jonny will be sharing Crowdcube’s use of data to understand their business goals, key metrics not vanity metrics and using data to drive change and product improvement. Including how and where to focus time and resource.

Christopher Proctor – Chief Executive, Oneserve Chris will debate how to future proof your business against the conundrum of decreasing customers’ cost palatability which is matched with increasing expectations of service quality, driven by technology and innovations. Listen out for a mention of a holy trinity of technologies – Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence that can deliver a solution that truly moves the bar.

Chris Shadrick – Head of Digital Strategy, AB… Chris will run an interactive session, taking you through his top five tools that allow brands to have more control over their Digital Customer Experience by analysing customer data and digital interactions. Including a demo of one of the world’s most innovative big data customer experience solutions that replays user interactions.

Tom Moore – Solicitor, Stephens Scown Tom will give an entertaining report on the dwindling light of the Data Protection Act and many unknowns of the new General Data Protection Regulation. What does the looming compliance deadline mean for businesses and what should you do to prepare for it?