When non-critical issues turn critical...


Accurate calculations generate 35% up-lift in operational efficiencies within British MoD F35B programme.

BiG provides the key airworthiness tools to the F35B Project team to support the management of many complex workflow streams, keep control of data governance and asset management as well as tools to control and monitor risk-to-life throughout the programme.

By utilising a selection of prognostic algorithms BiG’s solution clearly shows aggregated risk of non-critical hazard issues, equipping decision makers with data to make operational decisions rapidly. 

The model traces end-to-end decision path including risk, mitigation, compliance and re-certification across design and operations. It helps greatly with accountability without affecting progress, whilst maintaining the required security and safety standards throughout.

Dark art? Or pure science? We know which side we're on. You?

How good is your big idea?


Knowing the answer has added over 30% to our clients’ profit margin.

Every successful project starts with a simple idea… which then turns out to be a great one. But how can you tell which good idea you should focus on? Which one will be the winning one?

We built a Quality Score Matrix for our clients to predict exactly that. Using historical success matrices as a starting point, we determined the highest impact metrics and are now forecasting the likely success in real-time. This has not only increased the project conversion success rate but has also helped optimise the valuable resource time spent sifting through all the potential opportunities.

But that’s not all, the benefits of our Project Quality Score are growing month by month as new dimensions are added to the carefully managed Knowledge Portal. Business teams are now able to tell when and where the right idea is likely to come from.

It’s not random – it’s in the data!

Data is your most valuable asset. After your people.


Risk is reduced dramatically by using data to help your HR team.

Successful business owners know that a good team is a priceless asset and numerous research publications state that positive people management is a way to achieve that. We help our clients to develop a deep understanding of their workforce - it helps them to pin-point early any training requirements, identify over reliance on individuals and generally understand the work-flow dynamics within the company.

Far from 'Big Brother' style surveillance, it actually nurtures a culture of pro-active and positive engagement not just between the management and the workforce, but also amongst various teams within the company. The latter is even more vital for a large organisations whose people work in all corners of the world.

Joined-up thinking? With the right data connections, it's possible.

From big data to fast data – size isn’t everything!


BiG's Recommendation Engine can boost your revenue by over 70%.

One of the most pressing issues that many of our clients are striving to address is ensuring their offer stays relevant to their core customer. In an increasingly competitive environment and with rising customer expectations, having fast data at your fingertips is just as critical as leveraging big data. Cross-selling to customers with granular personalisation at every digital touch-point is an opportunity that requires near-instant data feeds. An automated system, that’s continually matching clients’ product line-up with the customers’ wishes, and vice versa, is now every retailer’s must have.

We have built many of these for our clients across a wide spectrum of business sectors. With this approach we enable our clients to deliver not B2C or B2B, but B2i - Business to Individual.

Imagine all marketing efforts merged into one harmonious process, ensuring the costumer receives the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.

Even small margins have given our clients massive advantage.

Make data make sense, with BiG.


BiG’s data-driven transformations are nothing less than a management strategy core enabler.

By utilising our predictive asset failure analysis that works across the entire product lifecycle, we’ve helped clients embrace a preventative asset maintenance strategy in military and civil aviation and rail transportation sectors.

Create agile simulations of ‘what-if’ maintenance scenarios; Precisely forecast commuter demand;
Visualise predictive accident and incident paths with machine learning enabled automated classification;
Make it scalable from single module to enterprise suite with real-time dashboard driven interface;
Add a touch of insights gained through significant R&D;

And the outcome… has enabled our clients to take big strides towards a safety led culture.

Calm down, everyone. It's just data. Weather data.


See your cost efficiencies soar by leveraging ever changing British weather

We have seen clients add hundreds of thousands to their profit margin in just over a three months’ period by accurately understanding what impact the weather has on their customer behaviour. The weather can affect so many business aspects from product planning and visitor numbers to staffing levels and, in some cases, even securing a repeat custom.

At BiG, we work with our clients to formulate a clear question that ‘if only I knew’… would provide an end to white knuckles. To us it’s big data in plain English. We create statistical models where the customer can change the major cost variable in line with the weather forecast.

Goodbye gut instinct. Hello data-driven decision-making. Alternatively, you could wing it.

Big data at help in building safer communities.


Making complexity comprehensible where it matters the most.

No algorithm can replace the experience and intuition of our outstanding police officers and crime analysts. But we have created BiG algorithms that are helping to identify and analyse complex patterns within dense police datasets very effectively. Tom Cruise’s Minority Report is no longer just sci-fi.

We highly value pioneering interdisciplinary research and therefore partner with academics covering a broad spectrum of subjects across the humanities, engineering, social and physical sciences. With our data expertise, we help apply their cutting edge scientific discoveries to our society’s everyday needs – in this instance, safeguarding our most vulnerable.

Fact. Or fiction? (Which will you base your next critical decision on?)

Data-based? All good decisions are...


Looking after your data ensures 53% faster growth over your non-data driven competitors.

Our clients describe working with BiG as ‘coming into light from dark…’ and it’s easy to understand why. We don't just help our clients make better use of their data. We're aiming much higher than that. Through the focused application of data science, we are transforming their businesses into truly data-driven enterprises. There are many reasons why companies need their data-warehouse in order – most crucially to achieve clarity of vital business metrics.

We have built many such data centres, hugely scalable and cost effective. We structure our clients’ data so that billions of complex relationships become easy to query. Real-time predictions and interventions then follow naturally.

But of course the data journey doesn’t stop there… The data our clients hold is fast becoming a core component of their market value. We help our clients to capture their organisation’s Data Intellectual Property and thus are increasing the value of their company.

The data lake. Sink or swim?

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